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Rental Property Insurance Information

Who needs insurance on a rental house?

A person who owns a home occupied by a:

  • Tenant--someone who pays rent for the use of the home
  • Friend or family member (whether or not paying rent)
  • Anyone other than the owner


What coverages are available for a rental house?


  • Coverage on the building
  • Coverage on landlord's contents, if any
  • Liability coverage--if someone got hurt on the property, the owner would be sued
  • Landlord personal liability--protection when a tenant sues the landlord for wrongful eviction, defamation of character, etc.
  • Loss of rents--if a tenant has to move out because of a covered loss, the owner would receive a portion of the rents not collected
  • Earthquake
  • Vandalism



Who needs insurance on a vacant house?


Someone who:

  • Owns an unoccupied rental house
  • Bought a house that needs remodeling before it can be occupied
  • Owns an unoccupied house that is up for sale
  • Inherited a house that is presently unoccupied.
  • Owns an unoccupied home due to moving to a nursing home 


Most homeowners' policies have a very limited amount of time they will cover a vacant house.  Check your policy!



What coverages are available for a vacant house policy?


  • Coverage on the building
  • Liability coverage--if someone got hurt on the property, the owner could be sued



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